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IN-PERSON CONFERENCE: 21 November 2024


Running on APIs

Dive into the digital revolution at the API Conference! With our theme ‘Running on APIs,’ we highlight how APIs are the driving force behind dynamic business transformations and groundbreaking innovations. Be part of this exciting journey and discover how your organization can accelerate by fully harnessing the power of APIs. Learn from leading experts, connect with visionary professionals, and uncover cutting-edge solutions. Don’t miss this opportunity to set your organisation running on the rhythm of APIs. API Conference – where the future of technology is set in motion.

This years topics

  • API Business Opportunities
  • API Development / Design / Documentation / Testing
  • API Management / API Gateways
  • API Security / API Access Management
  • API Strategy
  • Event Driven / Async APIs
  • IoT / Network / Devices Integration

Target Group

The conference focusses on a qualified target group existing of the following professions:

  • Architects (Lead, Enterprise, Domain, Information, Software and Solution)
  • Product Owners
  • Innovation Managers
  • Integration Managers
  • ICT Managers
  • CDO’s
  • Middleware Experts
  • Application Developers
  • Information Managers
  • CIO’s

Free or premium tickets

For registration free of charge or a premium ticket the following conditions apply

  • You belong to the intended tartget group as described above
  • You work for an organisation with a minimum of 20 FTE
  • You agree to the registration conditions

Join as partner

Would you like to receive more information on partner packages or advise on participation to the API Conference? Please contact Patrick Vernack on +31 (0)76 5484 028 or patrick.vernack@heliview.com


The advisory board consists of independent experts in the field of APIs. Together they ensure that the programme meets the quality requirements. They help build the conference, test the cases and monitor that the programme is and remains inspiring, diverse and innovative. This year the board consists of:

Guy Crets

Guy Crets

Managing Partner of I8C

Willem Lambrechts

Willem Lambrechts

CEO van Drebbel Technology Brokers

Vincent Boucheron

Vincent Boucheron

Enterprise & Data Architect of Forem

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