Arief Dahoe

Explosion, Hydrogen Safety and Combustion Scientist

Dr Arief Dahoe is an Explosion, Hydrogen Safety and Combustion Scientist. He conducts scientific investigations into problems pertaining to explosion safety and hydrogen safety for a clientele consisting of industrial corporations, research institutions and military establishments. Dr Dahoe obtained an MSc in Chemical Engineering (specialism Particle Technology and Fluid Dynamics), and, a PhD in Explosion Dynamics (Gas and Dust Explosions) from Delft University of Technology. Thereafter he continued to apply and extend his expertise at Delft University of Technology, Cambridge University, Eindhoven University of Technology, Ulster University, the European Network of Excellence HySafe, Wageningen University, and, within the Dutch Armed Forces ( ). His research interests are in: fire and explosion hazards of hydrogen, gas and dust explosions, simulation of explosion dynamics, application of mitigation technologies, decay of turbulence in transient flows, specific forms of turbulent combustion modelling pertaining to gas and dust explosions, turbulence modification in the gas phase by a dispersed phase consisting of small particles, thermobaric weapons, nuclear weapons, flame retardants, application of pulsed electric fields to microbial food safety, and, the Applied Mathematics of Explosions (tensor analysis, least-squares gradient reconstruction in conjunction with stiff time integration). Dr Dahoe is the creator of World's First Higher Educational Programme in Hydrogen Safety (i.e. the PgCert/PgDip/MSc in Hydrogen Safety Engineering) and he coordinates the development of the International Curriculum on Hydrogen Safety Engineering for the European Commission.

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