During a selection of our conferences it is possible to earn Continuing Professional Education Credits (CPE) credits for the CISSP certification. To maintain the certification, credits must be earned annually. You can also apply for credits by participating in a conference. To do this, check in at the registration desk on arrival and check out at departure. After the conference you will receive a proof of participation from Heliview that you can use to apply for the credits.

SKO credits

In addition to the CPE credits, you can also go for SKO credits during one of the industry conferences. The “Appreciation Hobéon SKO-AH” and “Appreciation Hobéon SKO-VK” will be provided afterwards by means of proof of participation in the conference. When registering, choose a ticket with an SKO credit. A fee of €49 is charged for registration with an SKO credit. No additional costs will be charged for paying participants.

Proof of participation

You will receive a proof of participation from us. Would you like to use this proof of participation to apply for CPE and/or SKO credits? Then it is important that you check in and check out at our registration desk. If the body that issues these credits requests it, this registration list will be in the possession of and provided by Heliview. If you have not checked in and out, then it is entirely up to you to account for the number of hours present.