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Heliview Conferences en Training B.V. (hereinafter Heliview) with its registered office in Breda, is responsible for the processing of personal data as set out in this Privacy Statement.

Heliview organises events in different disciplines, the primary objective being to bring about personal and business relationships. We continuously adapt our services to enable participants and business partners to connect with one another in a simple, informal, unique and light-hearted way.

This Privacy Statement informs you which of your personal data Heliview collects, processes and uses and how we handle that data. We advise you to read this Privacy Statement carefully.

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This Privacy Statement applies to the processing of all personal data by or on behalf of Heliview.


Heliview uses personal data (amongst other things) for the execution and processing of agreements. An example might be the agreement with you as a participant or business partner of an event. Heliview may also have a legal obligation to process and store your personal data, such as tax obligations.

Heliview can also use your personal data should it have legitimate business interests to this end. These interests include providing a good level of service, generating income, securing systems, efficient business operations and keeping customers informed of its products and services.


When executing its services, Heliview can process the following personal data. This does not mean that we process all of your personal data listed below; the data that we process depends on which services you utilise.

  • First name;
  • Initials;
  • Surname prefixes;
  • Surname;
  • Title before (name);
  • Title after (name);
  • Salutation;
  • Direct telephone number;
  • Mobile telephone number;
  • Function group;
  • Position;
  • Description of the work;
  • Email address at work;
  • Department;
  • Company details;
  • Invoice address;
  • Newsletter entries;
  • Areas of interest;
  • Order information and history;
  • Registration profile;
  • Attendance at or absence from the event;
  • Number of full hours present at the event and/or active online (for the ‘Certificate of Attendance’)
  • Assessment and attendance at one-to-one meetings by participants;
  • Assessment and attendance at one-to-one meetings by delegates;
  • Participation in session through registration;
  • Contact history;
  • Payment information;
  • Your role at the event, only for representatives of business partners (i.e.: speaker, chairperson, representative for the one-to-one meetings, etc.);
  • Profile photo (e.g. of speakers);
  • Personal programme;
  • Reason for invitation one-to-one meeting;
  • Reason for invitation exclusive session;
  • URL LinkedIn account;
  • Viewing video content;
  • Participation in online sessions;
  • Downloading whitepapers.


Heliview processes these personal data for various uses, such as:

  • Relationship management;
  • Managing and maintaining contacts;
  • Communication purposes;
  • Providing information about its product range;
  • Organisation and execution of agreements;
  • Provision of services;
  • Issuing ‘Certificate of Attendance’;
  • Sending newsletters;
  • Marketing and telemarketing;
  • Assessing participants against registration requirements;
  • Providing information about registrations;
  • Sending login details;
  • Sending text messages;
  • Registration of attendance;
  • Printing badges;
  • Provision of data to third parties;
  • Performing evaluations;
  • Improving our services;
  • Billing and payment purposes;
  • Fulfilling legal obligations and judicial instructions;
  • Regulatory compliance;
  • Recording and dealing with malfunctions, complaints and incidents;
  • Managing disputes.


Within the scope of executing its services, Heliview may exchange personal data with third parties. For example, with the partners and ICT service providers that are involved in the organisation and execution of our events.

Below you can read which data we share with the different tickets.

Participant “Free ticket In-person + online or online only €0,- or
Plus ticket conferences + online”

When registering for one of our events, you accept the registration requirements that apply to that specific event and this Privacy Statement.
To ensure that you maximise the benefit from any one-to-one meetings, we will share your responses to the questions in the registration form with your potential meeting partners.
Your first name, surname prefix, surname, salutation, title before (name), title after (name), position, company details, associate code (if used), date of registration and confirmation that you have watched their Talk and/or Promo video, are shared with the event’s business partners.

In the following cases, your email address is only shared with the relevant business partners for personal contact and an opt-in for emails does not apply:

  • You have planned a one-to-one network meeting or an expert meeting with the business partner;
  • You have viewed a Talk Video of the relevant business partner for more than three minutes;
  • You have participated in a online session of the relevant business partner;
  • You have had your badge scanned by the relevant partner.

Finally, by participating in an event, you agree that Heliview Conferences en Training B.V. may share your email address with third parties, such as Google and Bing, and Social Media channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn for advertising purposes. The third parties will anonymise the email address before it is used. This will only be done for future editions of similar events. These data will be retained by third parties for up to 90 days.

If you do not want Heliview to share your data with the event’s business partners, you can have your registration converted into a standard price ticket.

Participant “Premium ticket In-person + online or online only €249,-“
When registering for one of our events, you accept the registration requirements that apply to that specific event and this Privacy Statement.
Heliview will not share your data with our partners, with the following exceptions.

If you wish to share your data with the business partners (e.g. during a video call, or during another form of contact with them), this is your choice and is, of course, not covered by the foregoing. If you plan a one-to-one meeting or ask to be invited to an exclusive session and therefore contact a business partner yourself, we will, of course, share the following data about you with that business partner concerning that meeting or the request:

  • Name;
  • Description of the work;
  • LinkedIn URL;
  • Reason for the one-to-one meeting;
  • Reason for the request for an invitation to exclusive sessions;
  • Answers to questions in the registration form.

In the following cases, your contact details inclusive email address will only be shared with the relevant business partners for personal contact, and an opt-in for emails does not apply:

  • You have had your badge scanned by the relevant business partner.

Ticket Supplier In-Person conference €649,-

We don’t share personal data with third parties.

When you are involved as a representative of a business partner, or participate in an event, you (or your colleague, who has obtained your personal consent) provide Heliview with your first name, middle name, surname, position, mobile number, email address at work and your role at the event. These data are processed in order to register your attendance and to provide access to the location of the event and the EventManager. Your contact details will be used (amongst other things) to send practical information about the event by email and text message, for example, about how to reach the event location, to send login information for the EventManager and the status of your one-to-one meetings. When you are linked to a session or one-to-one meeting through us, yourself or your colleague, your name, email address, mobile number, direct telephone number, work description, specialism, LinkedIn URL and photo may be shown in the EventManager and programme.

Speakers, chairpersons, moderators and/or programme committee members
We collect the CVs of speakers, chairpersons, moderators and/or programme committee members or people with a similar role to enable us to market the event. Heliview can, for example, use your name, position, experiences, company name, etc. in its marketing materials for the event. These data will be retained for up to 18 months provided that no other agreements have been reached. Your name, position and company name are also shown in the EventManager and the programme.


Heliview offers white papers from its partners on its websites and in EventManager. We will share the following information when you download this with that partner.

  • First name;
  • Surname;
  • Function group;
  • E-mailaddres;
  • Company name.


If we believe this will be of added value to you, we can send text messages to you in relation to the event; these would contain practical information about the event. When you register, you will receive a welcome text message, containing a link to your personal programme in the EventManager. During the event, you may also receive text messages concerning your personal programme. After you have received the welcome text message, in the EventManager you can choose whether or not to continue receiving these text messages. For online one-to-one meetings, we send a reminder 15 minutes prior.

You are not charged for these text messages; this is a free service provided by Heliview.


Heliview will retain (amongst other things) information about the services that you have utilised, allowing it to keep you informed about developments in relation to existing and/or new events relating to subjects relevant to you.

If you do not wish to receive further information by email about our product range, you can unsubscribe from these emails. This is easy to do:


Heliview considers your privacy to be very important, it complies with privacy laws and it will handle your personal data as carefully and securely as possible. Heliview has taken technical and organisational measures to prevent improper use of your data.

Storage and Retention Period

Your data are stored on systems in the Netherlands. Your data are stored for no longer than necessary for the purposes outlined in this Privacy Statement and for no more than 7 years.


You have the right to inspect the data that we have collected about you and to ask for this to be rectified. You can view some of your data in EventManager ( To view all data, please contact us.


If you wish, you can object to your personal data being processed.


If you believe that Heliview has processed your personal data unlawfully or inaccurately, you can have that processing restricted.


You can submit a request for transfer of your personal data from our systems.


You are entitled to have your personal data deleted from our systems.


If you would like to execute one of the aforementioned rights, you can submit your request by email to
Heliview aims to process your requests as soon as possible and to inform you whether we can fulfil your request within one month at the latest after receipt of your request. In specific cases, e.g. when the request is complicated, this period can be extended by no more than two months. If the period is to be extended, as above, we will inform you of this no later than within one month of receipt of your request.
Pursuant to privacy legislation, under certain circumstances, we can refuse your request, such as a financial transaction in progress. If this is the case we will, of course, explain to you why the request cannot be fulfilled.


Heliview’s conference website uses cookies. Read everything about the cookie policy on our websites (


The EventManager only uses functional cookies to remember your preferences and settings. If you disable cookies, you will not be able to log in to the EventManager and you will therefore also be unable to utilise the functionality of the EventManager.



If you have a complaint about how Heliview handles your data, please let us know so that we can search for a solution together. You are free at any time to submit a complaint to the Personal Data Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens) (


Heliview Conferences en Training B.V. reserves the right to amend this Privacy Statement at any time.

Date of last change: 1-7-2022