What our participants say

Good lead generation

A very nice conference to generate leads and share information and map out customer needs

Immediately apply acquired knowledge

The Data Quality Conference program enables me to zoom out of my own business, gather information and knowledge regarding data quality and then zoom back in on my business where can I apply the knowledge I have gained

Current topics

The Heliview Conferences shed light on what is going on around current themes such as data and digitization.

Realizing objectives

The conference Zaakgerichtwerken voor de Overheid showed me that case-oriented working is important to achieve the government's objectives of providing the citizen with good services.

Engaging speakers

A professional conference with engaging speakers, not a moment of boredom, pampering and you forget it's about work.

Perfect facility

IAM Heliview is a perfect facility to meet familiar and new people who are all facing the IAM challenges!

Successful participation

Grabowsky participated in the virtual edition of the IAM conference this year. The one-to-one meetings with many visitors had interesting conversations about their challenges with access management. Despite all the restrictions imposed on us by COVID-19, we look back on a successful event.

Interesting target-group

The conference ran very smoothly from an organizational point of view. And, of course, what really matters: it has brought us into contact with interesting new contacts.

Valuable one-to-one meetings

The conference was also this year a succes! The one-to-one meetings organized by Heliview were really valuable. We look forward to the next conference organized by Heliview!

IT & Software Asset Management 2022

Networking with colleagues in a nice atmosphere!
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