Trend Vision One™ Integrated attack surface management (ASM) and extended detection and response (XDR)

Today, many organizations leverage multiple, disconnected security solutions to identify and assess risk, take inventory of assets, and detect and respond to threats across their email, endpoints, servers, cloud infrastructure, and networks. Unfortunately, this has led to limited visibility across the enterprise and an overload of uncorrelated alerts.

Working across disparate security tools creates challenges like tedious, manual investigation processes and dangerous blind spots, which provide adversaries the opportunity to more easily hide and maneuver within the corporate environment. This limited visibility into the environment and an attacker’s tactics, techniques, and procedures can result in an inadequate and incomplete response.

As ransomware, fatigue, data breach, destruction, and fileless attacks increase in volume, a risk centric approach to attack surface management (ASM) and extended detection and response (XDR) is required to strengthen security resiliency of your organization. Your SOC and security teams need advanced tools to proactively improve security posture, detect and respond faster, track and benchmark risk, and optimize overall security and IT operations.

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