Kennisportal and Heliview collaboration announced

Heliview announces a new collaboration. Kennisportal and Heliview are going to join forces.


Heliview has a long standing tradition in the Netherlands in organising conferences, including a strong position in the ICT sector.

Thanks to the collaboration with Kennisportal as a media partner, we are able to regularly bring our conferences to the attention of an extensive and broad group of potential visitors. Heliview and Kennisportal have recently entered into a partnership with the aim of further strengthening their position with both IT suppliers and end users (Heliview visitors, Kennisportal readers). From now on, readers of Kennisportal will be frequently informed about Heliview’s range of programmes. Heliview’s partners also receive favorable opportunities to present and position themselves online via, such as posting substantive articles, advertorials, white papers, organizing Webinars, but also promoting products and/or services or events. through online marketing.

Target group & reach

Target group / reach Knowledge portal is aimed at IT decision makers (including CIOs, CFOs, CTOs, CISOs, IT managers) working for organizations in the segments Enterprise / large business, SMEs (100 or more employees), government, education, healthcare and the healthcare sector. 17,000 IT professionals and board members are kept informed via Knowledge Portal about the latest trends and developments.

Would you like to benefit from this collaboration as a partner? Then please contact

Contact person: Fenno van Driel
Phone: 073 648 70 70
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