New Heliview Conference & Training Executive Tables

Heliview has been the connector in various fields for 40 years. Our goal has always been to establish lasting contacts and facilitate knowledge that will help you further in your business development.  With our motto ‘Sharing Knowledge – Connecting People’, we are committed to increasing professionals’ knowledge and bringing supply and demand together.

As Heliview, we continue to develop our conferences. Therefore, we are now introducing Executive Tables.

Executive Tables:

Several surveys have shown that professionals need small-scale in-depth knowledge sessions. That is exactly what our Executive Tables offer. As Heliview, we are in constant contact with end users, discussing their knowledge and information needs. In doing so, we have found a frequent need among IT professionals for in-depth sessions on specific sub-topics, where there is plenty of room for interaction and applicable tools.

During our small-scale sessions, we bring the target group and knowledge partner together. Our Executive Tables are therefore the perfect opportunity to connect with your peers and an exclusive knowledge partner, all under the guidance of a professional moderator. Get together with 8 to 10 peers to discuss the issues currently affecting the market and your organisation.

How it works:

  • 150 minutes
  • 8 to 10 peers
  • At a professional location
  • Exclusive, by invitation only
  • 90 minutes of dialogue based on a predetermined topic.
  • 60 minutes followed by exclusive lunch.

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