Olivier Van Duüren

Thought Leader on Personal and Business Transformation and Innovation

After working for 22 years in the senior international executive ranks at Microsoft, Olivier developed a unique perspective on the intersection of innovation, transformation and human behaviour in the B2B and B2C space. Olivier is part of the Visual Senseformers helping organisations to envision & visualise a future proof strategy and culture, ready for the digital age. Through a combination of inspiration, co-creation and visualisation they reflect on the why, what & how of personal and business transformation, they visualise your current state, your future desired state & built the bridge to reach that future state. Olivier is a professor at the Zigurat Business School for Technology and Innovation, guest lecturer at the Vlerick Business School, Thomas Moore, VUB, RUG and a member of Speakersbase, A-Speakers and Key Persons of Influence UK (KPI). He pubishes in Newsweek. Olivier works with global, regional and local organisations from startups, scaleups, medium to large organisations. In 2016 Olivier launched The Dualarity, a business and a book on how to take the pain out of your personal and business transformation, leaving you with a regained sense of spark. After 22 years working in the senior international ranks at one of the world's most successful technology companies called Microsoft, he has a unique perspective on innovation, transformation and human performance. An international public speaker, trend sensemaker, executive whisperer, startup builder, corporate innovator and author, Olivier is a thought leader on personal and business transformation, innovation and on the impact of the changes around us on our society and industry.

The Dualarity

Take the pain out of your personal and business transformation

Comprehensive overview of what is happening around you, implications. How to energise your future, transform with sparkle as individual and business.


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