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The Belgian Data Forum is a strategic data conference, with a focus on becoming a more data-driven organisation, for data professionals. At this conference, data professionals come together to discuss the most relevant issues regarding (among others) successfully applying of data quality, Data Ethics, Metadata Management, Creating (Secure) Data Ecosystems and the transition to a (more) data-driven business  Participating in this conference helps you to get your data strategy in order and to sharpen it.

David Martens

David Martens

Professor Applied Data Mining at The University of Antwerp

Building Digital Trust: The Role of Data Science Ethics

David Martens, Professor applied data mining at the university of Antwerp

Data science ethics is about deciding what is right and wrong in data science. Based on several cautionary tales and concepts, Professor David Martens will demonstrate the importance of considering data science ethics for businesses in terms of potential risks and the value it can deliver. In this presentation Professor David Martens will share several use cases, give you insights in where things can go wrong and to what you should pay attention to, when working with data.

Universiteit Antwerpen
Nathalie Rigouts

Nathalie Rigouts

Head of IT Innovation at Borealis

Data Management Journey in Borealis

Nathalie Rigouts, Head of IT Innovation, Borealis

When Borealis started developing data science solutions in 2016, it was done in a very entrepreneurial way, with just some basic governance in place. In the meantime, substantial progress has been made on the infrastructure, organization and governance aspects and on making business stakeholders aware of the importance of good data management. In this session, you will find out what we have learned in our journey and what we plan to do next.

Alexander Galt

Alexander Galt

Digital Ethics Leader at IKEA

Data and Digital Ethics in Practice at IKEA

Alexander Galt, Digital Ethics Leader and Aparna Ashok, Digital Ethicist, IKEA

Many organisations now recognise the need to have an ethics practice to support and steer activities around data and digital technologies. What does ethics mean in an organisational context, and how does it move from philosophy and principles into practices across the organisation? In this session, Alexander Galt (Digital Ethics Leader) and Aparna Ashok (Digital Ethicist) will share the why, what and how of building a Digital Ethics practice at IKEA.

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