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What’s (Your) Next with Data?

Within this year’s theme What’s (Your) Next with Data?  the Belgian Data Forum will take a look at what the future will bring in the field of data (driven business) in general. What challenges are we all facing and which next collective data steps will we irrevocably have to take?

But what exactly is your next? What is the step that your organisation can – needs and wants – to take? The answer to this question of course depends to a large extent on the data maturity of your organisation and, most importantly, the team you work with. Your next is therefore inherently different from that of other organisations. It is therefore not only about which step we should take collectively, but in particular about which step is the most important for your organisation to take right now. How will your organisation be a more data-driven business tomorrow than it is today? And what can you, as a data professional, do to stay ahead?

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Topics that will be covered:

  • Practical Applications of Artificial Intelligence
  • Data and Ethics or Data Ethics?
  • What’s Next with Data Analytics?
  • The Transition to Data-Driven Business
  • Metadata Management: a Key Enabler!
  • Successful Application of Data Quality
  • Data Privacy & Data Security
  • Creating (Secure) Data Ecosystems
  • Data-Storytelling; the Art of Presenting
  • The Importance of Data Literacy
  • Mastering (Master) Data Management

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