How CIAM reduces costs and increases revenue

CIAM’ covers a set of capabilities that enable you to securely, efficiently and compliantly verify and manage customer, partner, or other external user identities in your digital services, and control user access to areas of your services. These capabilities may include self-service account credential management, single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), support for third party identity providers (IdPs) to streamline registration and login, delegated authority and many more, some of which we will use as examples throughout this document. CIAM is a very important part of your digital infrastructure and is necessary for any organisation that deals with customer (whether consumer, business or citizen) digital identities. Let’s explore the financial aspects of CIAM for your organisation, why it makes financial sense to buy a CIAM solution over building the functionality in-house and why European businesses should choose a European CIAM provider.

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