19 November 2024

starts 20 November 2024

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IT & Software Asset Management is the place to meet experts and colleagues and to gather new information about the latest trends and developments. Through, inspiring keynotes, break-out sessions and 1-to-1 meetings.


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Brandon Smeets

Brandon Smeets

Chair & Magic Entertainer

Opening of the conference by chair Brandon Smeets

Brandon Smeets joined Canon to replace their Software Asset Manager in 2017. After several years he decided to focus on magic entertainment. With his knowledge and experience, Brandon is the ideal person to guide the conference as chair of the day.

Petros Parroutis

Petros Parroutis

Head of License & Software Asset Management of Euroclear

Keynote: How can ITAM/SAM bring value to the Organization, beyond compliance? A journey through Cobit19 and CIO office strategic decisions.

Petros Parroutis, Head of License & Software Asset Management, Euroclear

Should your organization reache a satisfactory maturity from a compliance standpoint, how can you step up your SAM/ITAM game to another level by contributing to internal controls and to strategic decision. 

Danielle Jacobs

Danielle Jacobs

CEO of Beltug

Keynote: Best Practices from the Vendor Management Taskforce on Software Audits

Daniëlle Jacobs, CEO of Beltug (Belgian association of CIO's and digital technology leaders)

Through technological innovations such as cloud and containerization, organizations are drastically changing the way software is deployed. An unwanted side-effect of this evolution is that licensed software usage is also changing fast and therefore the risk of violating license terms and conditions is steadily increasing.

Fortunately, effective Software Asset Management combined with a number of best practices can help organizations to better manage software licensing audits.

Within Beltug, a group of Vendor Managers bundled a number of practices that can help organizations to deal with an impending software licensing audit initiated by a software vendor.

Morning Break at The Network Square with 1-To-1 Meetings

Enjoy fresh coffee, tea and snacks on the network square. And the first 1-to-1 meetings take place.

Nick Op de Beeck

Nick Op de Beeck

Co-founder & Practice Lead Vendor Management of Leadout

Break-out Session: The Journey from Cloud Vendor Selection to Contract Signature: Tips & Tricks

Nick op de Beeck, Co-founder & Practice Lead Vendor Management of Leadout

Are you wondering what common pitfalls there are in cloud contracts and where you should apply your focus on? We would like to onboard you on the journey from the selection of a cloud vendor all the way to the contract signature and continuous contract management activities. By being involved in different cases across different suppliers & type of offerings, we can share with you practical tips & tricks on how to properly navigate through common obstacles and attention point in setting up your organization for a future proof cloud service.

Jan van Kalkeren

Jan van Kalkeren

Product Owner ITAM at ITAM Forum

In-person roundtable: Elevate Your ITAM program: The Business Benefits of ISO/IEC19770-1:2017 Certification

Jan van Kalkeren, Portfolio Manager ITAM, The ITAM Forum

Since 2022, it is possible for organizations to certify their ITAM program against the ISO/IEC 19770-1:2017 standard. This globally recognized certification scheme was created by a committee of experts consisting of 100 volunteers from 20 countries and more than 30 industries under the guidance of the ITAM Forum.

During this roundtable you will learn more about the business benefits of certification and how certification can help ITAM professionals connect with key stakeholders within their organization. Throughout the roundtable we’ll share our first-hand experiences with the certification process, lessons learned and practical tips.

The roundtable is especially useful for companies that operate in highly regulated environment, are looking to defend themselves against internal and external audits or are struggling to keep higher management interested in IT Asset management.

Sjoerd Raes

Sjoerd Raes

IT Asset Manager of Atlas Copco IT Services

Break-out Session: Providing transparency on license costs across the organization via granular cross-charging

Sjoerd Raes, IT Asset Manager, Atlas Copco IT Services

Atlas Copco is a global organization present in more than 180 countries with close to 50.000 employees. Due to the size of the organization, license management comes with its own set of challenges. In order to overcome these challenges, cost control on licenses is primarily done by the hundreds of budget owners across the business & IT organization. In this session, you will learn how Atlas Copco has set up a granular rebilling of software license costs across the organization on the largest software spends. This set-up triggers the budget owners for bottom-up feedback on detecting waste in license spend and ensure no unnecessary & idle licenses are being maintained.

Lunch Break at the Network Square with 1-to-1 Meetings

Enjoy various richly filled sandwiches. During lunch there is enough time for 1-on-1 meetings and networking with colleagues and peers.

Brandon Smeets

Brandon Smeets

Chair & Magic Entertainer

In-person roundtable: Software Lifecycle Management

Cloud native becomes more and more the target for companies to ensure rapid deploy & release of new applications and functionalities. However, many companies still have a large technical debt where many components of the software stack are nearing the end of support, already in extended support or completely unsupported at all. One of the most recent examples on this topic is Windows Server 2012 for which since 10 October oft this additional costs are due if companies want to receive Extended Security Updates. In this roundtable we would like have an open discussion on how you are managing & tracking end-of-life and end-of-support dates and if you leverage any technology to manage this challenge.

Ruben Vander Stockt

Ruben Vander Stockt

FinOps Expert & Community Director EMEA of FinOps Foundation

In-person workshop: The intersection of FinOps & ITAM/SAM

Ruben Van der Stockt, FinOps Expert & Community Director EMEA of FinOps Foundation

In this break-out session, Ruben Vander Stockt explores how FinOps intersects with IT Asset Management (ITAM). With the crucial role of cost management, aligning technology investments with business objectives.

The FinOps Foundations introduces key FinOps capabilities in ITAM, from cost visibility and strategic budgeting to cloud expense management. Collaboration among finance, procurement, and IT teams is emphasized for informed decision-making.

The session offers actionable strategies, promoting accountability and continuous improvement. Envision a future where FinOps optimizes financial governance in ITAM, enhancing spending efficiency and control while driving overall success.

Afternoon break at the network square with 1-to-1 meetings

Enjoy the afternoon break at the network square with 1-to-1 meetings, meet colleagues and peers and share your gained knowledge!

Wojciech Jackowski

Wojciech Jackowski

IT Asset Porfolio Manager of DSV

Keynote: IT Asset Portfolio Management: Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Success

Wojciech Jackowski, IT Asset Porfolio Manager, DSV

Growing complexity, extending interdependencies and pressure on cost reduction in IT requires holistic and practical approach to management of IT assets in an enterprise. Wojciech Jackowski will share how to approach it from strategic, tactical, and operational perspective. We’ll start with the architecture view of all IT assets and then apply perspective layers to create a decision supporting model which will help you navigate through IT landscape.

During the keynote we’ll cover:

  • What is the architecture of IT assets in the company?
  • Why is ITAPM needed and how does it differ from traditional ITAM?
  • How and what to manage?
  • Where to start? No matter where you are today.
Brandon Smeets

Brandon Smeets

Chair & Magic Entertainer

Wrap up by chair Brandon Smeets

Chair Brandon summarizes the day and looks back on the most important lessons.

network drinks

While enjoying a drink and snack, we close the day in an appropriate way. Discuss what you have learned with colleagues and peers.

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