one-to-one meetings

The importance of a good conversation

We believe that the opportunity to personally establish business connections is one of the most important aspects of our events. For this reason, we constantly strive for the highest level of service provision, in order to bring together participants and business partners in a simple and informal manner.

E-invoicing summit

one-to-one network meetings

The one-to-one network meetings can take place during the one-day conference and online in EventManager. Both the business partners and the participants are able to plan a meeting, however the online meetings take place after the one-day conference. The meeting focuses on connecting with new contacts or maintaining existing contacts.

one-to-one expert meetings

The one-to-one expert meetings take place online in EventManager. By contrast, an expert meeting can only take place if instigated by the participant and therefore not at the invitation of the business partner. A participant must clearly define his or her question, to give the expert sufficient time to prepare the content of the meetings.

Sharing knowledge & Connecting people

Our one-to-one meetings are a unique opportunity for participants to expand their network, share their knowledge, to be inspired and to sound things out with peers. Through our one-day conference and the online concept in EventManager, we believe that we can offer a great combination for both business partner and participant.