Serge Libert

eGOV Project Manager at BOSA

Serge Libert is eGOV Project Manager at Federal Public Service BOSA (policy and support), DG “Digital Transformation“ (DT, formerly FedICT) since 2003. In the past he worked for various companies of the ICT, The telecom and the banking sector. Since 2013, DT is working together with ASA-DAV and other public and private entities to the generalisation of e-Invoicing in Belgium. Serge is managing this project on behalf of DT.


The FPS Policy and Support is your federal partner for IT, HR, organisational control and integrity policy. For some other areas, such as budget and accounting, the FPS has an oversight role.

The Federal Public Service (FPS) Policy and Support was set up on 1 March 2017. The FPS assists the government and supports the federal organisations in various areas: IT, HR, organisational control and integrity policy, budget, accounting and public procurement contracts.

The FPS Policy and Support is the result of the integration of the agencies of the FPS Personnel and Organisation (including Selor, OFO/IFA, FED+ and PersoPoint), of the FPS Budget and Management Control, of Fedict and of Empreva into one entity. The project should be seen in the general context of the ‘redesign’ of the federal government which was started by the government in its agreement of 9 October 2014.


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